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Faraday helps you perform security engineering by maximizing your team's resources,
increasing risk visibility by converting all your data into valuable information.


Why Faraday

Supporting output from +70 tools, Faraday Platform centralizes all your efforts and gives sense to your main objectives.

Providing powerful Automation Technology, we help you reduce your findings’ life cycle by prioritizing actions and decreasing the exposure time of your assets, promoting collaboration by allowing big and small groups of people to work together.

Plus, get deep insight on all your projects with just a couple clicks.

Flexible Implementation

What we’re working on

Custom Implementation

No infrastructure changes needed: implement Faraday On-prem, Cloud or Hybrid without network changes.

Flexible Integrations

Import output or results from 3rd party tools and synchronize your ticketing systems (JIRA, ServiceNow) and security enhancements (2FA, LDAP)


Implement custom events by triggering actions or vulns' content in real time

Deduplicate Vulns

Faraday's Global Vuln KB allows you to customize descriptions and apply them accordingly.


Define and execute your own actions from different sources and automatically import outputs into your repository.


Automate repetitive Agents' actions and check results on your Dashboard.


Get a visual representation of all your findings with just one click.

Faraday Client

Our shell allows you to upload results while pentesting actively.

Methodology and Tasks

Setup your own strategy, assign tasks to users for each phase and easily follow them up.


Choose the plan that best
fits your needs


We support the InfoSec Community around the globe by offering a free open source version that improves on daily workflows

Feed data to Faraday from your favorite tools

Divide projects by your own rules

Customize your instance


Designed for small pentester teamwork. Integrate and report main data generated during a security audit.

Easily identify and sort your database

Craft and export projects using your own templates

Plan ahead and keep track of your goals



Operate large volumes of data and save time with our Automation Technology, reducing your findings’ life cycle

Prioritize actions, decreasing exposure time for your assets

Adapt strategies to customize every phase of your projects

Integrate everything!



Strengthen your infrastructure
with Faraday Security Consulting

Perceive the real risks, anticipate them and understand your vulnerable areas to strengthen your
systems. Our tailor-made Consultancy Services allow us to be sensitive to the different needs
and requirements of an organization across a wide range of sizes and industries providing turn-key solutions for every case.

Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing

To know the real risk, make a real attack. Using the same techniques an adversary would use, we recreate a real attack environment to conquer the most vulnerable accesses and areas of your infrastructure.

Network Security Assessment
Network Security Assessment

The health of your networks compromises the health of your company. Our technical Red Team performs an exhaustive analysis detecting areas of critical risk

Application Vulnerability Analysis
Application Vulnerability Analysis

Your apps are the most common gateways for security weaknesses. We use a comprehensive suite of technical solutions to perform a professional assessment that guarantees a real map of vulnerable vectors.

Physical Security Assessment
Physical Security Assessment

Hardware and Software Security is not complete without closeness. An offensive art focused on detecting potential failures reviewing your on-site infrastructure.

Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering

Authentic Red Team in action. The art of deconstructing to rebuild the original equation. A reverse ride allows you to extract sources of real cyber threats for your most valuable applications.

Client-Side Attacks
Client-Side Attacks

Internal customers are one of the most vulnerable attack vectors in your company. By working with an authorized intrusion attempt, you can verify the right workstation set up and the awareness level to enhance security policies.

Mobile Application Security
Mobile Application Security

Your Applications can suffer a cyber-attack just like your Networks. We analyze your mobile architecture giving you a comprehensive map of vulnerable areas to remediate.

Code Review
Code Review

Vulnerabilities are identified directly in your code, reviewing the software quality assurance. Classifying them by risk with advice on the best way to mitigate the general impact on your organization.

Continuous Scanning
Continuous Scanning

Security requires proactivity to understand your risk sources. Faraday Technology gives you a multi-engine scanning platform that supports an ever-growing list of the main industry tools.


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and committed to provide everything you need to accelerate
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Add value to your business proposal by incorporating Faraday into your suite.

Guarantee your actual clients the optimization of their security audit processes,
efficient collaboration on their teamwork and enhancement on management of their vital information.

Get new opportunities by offering Faraday to provide a clear understanding of
team’s entire security posture from a single, comprehensive and intuitive interface.

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We are focused on cutting-edge Offensive Cyber Security techniques. We believe that understanding your
security posture is the main key to making smarter security investments and leveraging your existing resources.

We offer customized solutions to optimize your audit process and enhance the safety of your vital information
by increasing transparency, speed and efficiency for your teamwork.

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